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MWENJE Tassel Hoop

  • MWENJE 'Shona' for LIGHT is a gracefully beautiful bag, a perfect art piece that is truly enchanting and takes you from the bubbles of your dream to a reality that is magical and meaningful. MWENJE boasts floor length tassels, which are a key detail throughout this collection with a gorgeous chocolate colour that adds an edge for the perfect investment statement piece that can be passed on from generation to generation. Handcrafted by our Macrame Community of Weavers in Zimbabwe in collaboration with Wire Artists.



    Colour: Brown

    Size: Medium: 32cm x 30cm

    Tassel Size: 70cm from bottom of bag

    Composition: 100% recycled paracord, recycled wire frames

    Origin: Made in Zimbabwe


    *Please indicate your height when ordering this bag, so that it can be made to your specification. 


    NOTE: The images may not fully represent the colour of the product due to photography disparities. 

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