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the brand

'' We are in a rebellion against the whole concept of how a Fashion Accessory should look like''

Vanhu Vamwe (VV) SHONA for 'One People' is a legacy brand that has created an ethical framework of luxury handcrafted heirlooms that articulate a strong brand aesthetic based on traditional crafts and modern innovation. VV explores playful, quirky, innovative storytelling highlighting cultural, historical and social themes through engaging conceptual handbags and is committed to working with artisans in Zimbabwe and Ecuador by bridging culture through design. The brand has become a philanthropic enterprise which stands for a social mission to bring economic empowerment to women living in marginalised communities.  

Vanhu Vamwe

the designers

'' We have no aspirations to blend in whatsoever, when we look around and see what is considered normal, we are not tempted'' 

Vanhu Vamwe was founded by Zimbabwean born husband and wife duo the Nyawiri's both with a creative flair and a love for design and community, they set out to collectively understand global design. They started off specialising in leather luxury goods, further progressing to do a PhD to explore and create a framework around 'Care in Design' supported by a theory of 'Putting People First'. This was particularly structured for Design Practitioners working with rural artisans in marginalised communities. The Nyawiri's are invested in always striving to find the right balance in their work with communities, and believe in intentionally SLOW Fashion that upholds the integrity of the process. Their ethos is founded on Biblical Principles that acknowledge their social and ecological responsibility.  To date, VV designers are Multi Award Winners, purposefully and passionately speaking on many platforms globally on issues of sustainability, social innovation and exit strategies in artisan communities. 

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