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our process


Care in design, cultural awareness, and putting people first are at the heart of our work and every decision made. We are constantly seeking new ways to design products that are conceptual investment pieces and can be passed on from generation to generation. Our pieces have also been known to be used as conversational home accessories, highlighting their multi functional uses.  We produce our handbags on demand, ensuring there is a limited risk of overproduction and waste. Our aim is to uphold transparency in our design framework. 

About Our Leather

our materials

As a sustainable brand, our goal is to maintain sustainable innovative values that incorporate Eco-friendly materials into our collections.


Our current collection is primarily made from 100% recycled para-cord, which is 100% made from recycled plastic PET bottles. The result of this construction is an environmentally friendly rope with a luxury appearance.



We use natural vegetable tanned leather, that is consciously and sustainably sourced in Ecuador and off cut leather sourced in England.



Our bags are made from natural sea grass straw, a fast growing grass also referred to as a weed. This is sourced from surrounding areas within the community in Ecuador in the village of Salinas. We harvest and strip the straw by hand. 


We support local rural factories in Ecuador, Salinas that produce yarn from scratch using local materials and natural dyes. 


Every VV handbag goes through 4 rounds of sampling and design development. We are aware that because we use different materials and traditional crafts for our different collections, it is not always a straightforward process to produce certain shapes and forms.  Our collaboration with our artisan partners makes our work easier as they have 100% participation in the design development process and usually give advice on what works with different traditional crafts. We are committed  to showing the beauty of the craftsmanship, which is evident in the individually handcrafted bags.    Each bag design is allocated to one artisan partner and bags are made to order to allow the satisfaction of slow fashion to evolve. 

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