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the craft

Vanhu Vamwe has created the first Macrame Community in Zimbabwe that partners with rural and peri-urban artisans. Macrame an ancient craft has recently resurfaced and at VV we have revived it into a luxurious design form, making stunning macrame pieces from sustainable materials.  The gift  of working with hands has always been VV's way to express and embody story telling through weaving of beautiful objects. Every Macrame knot has been weaved with intention and meaning, contributing to the attributes of traditional craftsmanship.

*We respectfully acknowledge the traditional and cultural ways of the Zimbabwean people and all Communities on whose space and environment we  work. 

Vanhu Vamwe
Vanhu Vamwe

the artisans

We believe our artisan partners have a calling to using their hands. Our community has succeeded in discovering what they love to do and regardless of their environmental circumstances are finding ways through our design projects to give an offering of their services to create beautiful and meaningful products. 
''Giving a pattern to a raw formless matter with my hands has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. Never did I think that through this, a sustainable living would be created.' - Mai Anesu


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