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the craft

In 2012, the traditional weaving of the Ecuadorian 'toquilla' straw hat was declared an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO as the ‘ikat’ weaving technique in 2015. These techniques we have also explored in our previous collections working with our artisan partners in Ecuador from the little village of Salinas. We never forget the unique techniques buried deeply in a long tradition of weaving and knitting.  One thing for sure is we are guaranteed of the transformation of natural materials into luxury objects. 

*We respectfully acknowledge the traditional and cultural ways of the Ecuadorian people and all Communities on whose space and environment we  work. 

Vanhu Vamwe
Vanhu Vamwe

the artisans

We are so proud to be associated with artisan partners who are also passionate as we are of preserving and promoting ancestral cultural wealth. We are always in awe of how there is so much opening to learning more,  supporting the craft to innovation.   We work closely with our artisan partners  to close the gap on limited knowledge of design, product development and use of good quality materials. Our main aim is to raise skills and nurture higher levels of developing marketable world class products. We have now developed lasting relationships with the communities we have worked with in Ecuador and it is fulfilling to see growth and development. 

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