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LANGA Shopper

  • LANGA ' Ndebele' for SUN is our second shopper in the 'Dreamers & Travellers' Collection. It is gorgeously crafted, with oversized handles complementing the orange tassal a familair accent in the collection. Suitable for all seasons.  Handcrafted by our Macrame Community of Weavers in Zimbabwe.



    Colour: Navy & Orange

    Size: Extra Large: 46cm x46cm 

    Composition: 100% recycled paracord

    Origin: Made in Zimbabwe


    NOTE: The images may not fully represent the colour of the product due to photography disparities. 

  • Our handbags are handcrafted using traditional macrame weaving techniques and a stunning collaboration with  Wire Artists.  Please note that we are a slow fashion brand and do not always have readily available stock thus we give an allowance of up to 3-  6 weeks for orders to be completed and shipped. A full payment is required for all  ORDERS, and orders will be processed immediately, once payment is made.

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