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0506 Tassel Clutch

  • A curated collection of contemporary objects created with VANHU VAMWE’s experimental aesthetic imagination. The result is a collection of structured, playful and poetic objects that uncover the preservation of traditional crafts and its influence on modern innovation. 

    The objects are functional and designed to push the boundaries of heritage.  This collection extends to showcasing the relationship between the designers and artisans craftsmanship and the intriguing stories that lie behind them.

    Our macrame pieces romanticise creative innovation that simultaneously pays homage to new and old pieces of VANHU VAMWE. These objects are crafted as investment pieces passed on from one generation to another. 



    Colour: Lemon Cream, White

    Size: small: 25cm x 25cm

    Tassal Length: 75cm

    Composition: 100% recycled paracord

    Origin: Made in Zimbabwe


    NOTE: The images may not fully represent the colour of the product due to photography disparities. 

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