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Of roots and falling in love with MWENJE

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It was one of those enchanting moments experiencing the storyteller that Laura Marcellin, a Canadian based dancer is. When we design our bags, we always have an image of the kind of humans we anticipate wearing them. MWENJE carries the story of an immigrant whose roots are scattered, looking for solid ground and the interpretation of that story is all too common for many of us, reminding us of the nostalgia of home.

But then, roots always find that place of comfort, where they are no longer wonderers, and they soak in, creating many spaces to exist.

As we went through the different frames of the story that Laura told with the MWENJE bag, we were reminded that sometimes it is the friends that we meet 'on the other side' that help us gather the roots, replant and nurture them. We suddenly fall madly in love with this new environment and begin to relate to its differences, accepting and often compromising our aches that are now hidden in this new fragrance of discovery. We dream of travelling back to that place of nostalgia, that place that makes our heart beat a different way. A place where the roots soak into the familiar soil, knowing that, we are home.

However, wonderers are not always lost, even when we leave those places we have loved. Those places we still carry with us in our dreams, in the depth of our souls. Only those who have uprooted and left, never to return will understand this. To grow, we must scatter.

Let us carry our roots with us, using them as a stronghold to influence whatever environment we find ourselves in. A day will come when even thunderstorms cannot affect their visibility.

To Laura----- 'Do you know that wildflowers are the most beautiful blossoms of all?'.


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