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26 Weeks



Accessory Design is at the core of our brand and over the last decade, while we have rooted ourselves in handbag design, we are experienced with a broad knowledge of shoe, jewellery and product design. Our offering for this course involves learning about the materials used for the choice of accessory you want to learn to make. We are here to successfully guide you into understanding the structure, shape and forms of the final product, gently guiding you from concept, story telling, pattern cutting to the complete product.

As budding accessory Designers, we will expose you to the global accessories world, and have the pleasure of inviting some industry people to take part in our workshop and seminar days, helping you to turn your own unique design from a sketch into a luxury creation.


  1. Handbag Design

  2. Shoe Design

  3. Jewellery Design

  4. Toy Design


  • The Purpose of different types of Accessories

  • Adapt patterns, cuttings, pinning, handcrafted luxury

  • How Accessories have evolved over time

  • How traditions and culture influence Accessory design.

  • Sustainability and ethical fashion


  • Develop beginners skills to create a creative sketchbook

  • Develop skills to create an independent collection

  • Knowledge of functions of Accessories

  • What is sustainability

  • How to price your items

  • Develop a mini Collection that will be marketed for you by VV and have access to VV's global clients

  • Receive a certificate for successfully completing the course

  • A feature in a global magazine partnering with VV

  • Ongoing mentorship

Your Nurturer

Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

My name is Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri and you may know me in my capacity as the co-founder and creative director of VV. I am passionate about education and more so have an invested interest in the development of creative young people, who aspire to change the narrative of their communities through design. I am a humanist by nature, and I also understand that we cannot see the world in the same way, but I would like to challenge boundaries by being a part of diversifying fashion education and design practice to minority groups. I have a burning desire to be part of a revolution that is opening up new opportunities that allow the fashion industry to start extending itself to the 'unlikely' in our communities. At VV we are starting with our young people and mentoring them into financial intelligent humans, that are not only taking the entrepreneurial journey for their own benefit, but for paying it forward and creating more spaces that extend creativity to the marginalised communities. It is my greatest pleasure to be part of your journey.

Love and Warmth

Aunty Pam

Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri
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