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Over the last few years,  we have conducted in-house funded researches on how young people in minority groups globally can gain control of their own narrative and create a sustainable presence in mainstream fashion. Everyone has a story, and we are focused on working with young people who already  those whose voices are lost in the white noise to begin to build their own tables and invite others that are different from them, so that we can create a balance and a new era of appreciating and applauding creative ability that is not defined by place of birth or social status. We are advocating for fashion from the lens of experience and environment, What fashion looks like from an individual who is not marred by copy cat visuals from social media and influenced by ‘the fake it till you make it’ culture, or the strategic arrangement of aesthetics! But authenticity that flows from the heart, that is open, raw with a willingness to define fashion for themselves. We are starting young, and committing to educating the future generation 


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